About Me

I have always been down for an adventure, so when life presented me with the opportunity to move to Germany one month after graduating from college, I grabbed my passport and hopped on the flight. In the past three years, I managed to turn a foreign city into my home, launch a travel blog, build a food Instagram, start a dog-walking business, visit 42 countries, try foods I never thought I would eat, develop friendships that will last long after I return to the U.S., and even make a little bit of sense out of the German language. From dipping my feet in the clear turquoise water of Malta’s Blue Lagoon, to eating reindeer in Norway, to summiting a mountain in Switzerland, it has been an unforgettable journey of seemingly nonstop travel, but now I am home in Maryland ready for the next phase of my life, where I will hopefully be able to draw inspiration from all of these memories in a professional setting to inspire others to live their best possible lives.